Summer Break

Dear guests of the Kai Dikhas Foundation,

the Foundation will say goodbye to the summer holidays from 14.07. and will reopen on 16.08.2022 with the current exhibition "Días de Ira . Days of Rage: Helios Gómez Returns to Berlin" will reopen its doors.
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Artist Talk

Join us at 27.5 from 7pm for the Artist Talk with Brunn Morais @brunnmoraiss , Luna De Rosa @lunaderosa_ and Mersud Selman @donotspitinmyface to discuss about the exhibition YRA22- Young Romani Artist -at Stiftung Kai Dikhas.

Moderated by Moritz Pankok
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Extension of the current exhibition

The current exhibition will be extended until next year under 2G conditions.
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Art Week Special

The versatile artist George M. Vasilescu has an artist of Galerie Kai Dikhas for long. In the current exhibition "Bare Love - The Big Money" he is represented with painting, installation, sculpture and media art. In conversation with curator Moritz Pankok, the artist, who now lives in Berlin, gives an insight into his artistic practice.
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Upcoming Exhibition "BARE LOVE"

With the last exhibition of the Kai Dikhas Gallery, we want to dedicate ourselves to the subject of money, which determines our lives, or does not do so. Money is always scarce, especially in the field of art. Unfortunately, artists often live in precarious circumstances. This is precisely why Kai Dikhas Gallery wanted to bring the high-quality art of our artists not only to the public, but also to the market. The artists document a socially and politically significant change and drive it forward themselves. In doing so, they create multi-layered, technically and aesthetically sophisticated art, which in any case represents a significant and valuable contribution to our cultural life. This is the core of the Kai Dikhas Gallery, a place that combines art education and encounter, but also trade and exchange. Its work (apart from the art trade, of course) will be continued in the future by the non-profit foundation Kai Dikhas

Bare Love means "The Big Money" in Romanes. Malicious voices claim that only art trade has a similar return as drug trade. Bare Love can be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it can be motivation and not without bitter irony the promise of a better future. But isn't money also just an agreement, or even a fiction from an artist's perspective? Especially in times of new digital currencies created by so-called "digital mining" and while our states flood the world with freshly printed money, we want to question this. The artists of the Kai Dikhas Gallery address social inequality in th is exhibition, they play with "big money" and erode its supposed authority. For wouldn't a society of art, namely the world of "Gypsy DaDaas the artist Gabi Jiménez and Damian Le Bas envisaged, be a different, a better world than the one we know?

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Exhibition currently closed

The exhibition rooms of the Kai Dikhas Foundation are unfortunately closed at the moment due to the infection protection ordinance. As soon as it is allowed to open again, the team of Kai Dikhas will be there for you again.
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Upcoming Exhibition

Participation in the opening on September 03, 2020 at 7 p.m. is only possible with registration and, due to the limited number of seats, with a confirmation of registration.

Please register  here.
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