RʳOMA LEPANTO is a site specific art installation as it takes place in Palazzo Bembo during the 60th Biennale Arte in Venice. The Bembo family was amongst the most important noble families of Venice. Giovanni Bembo  served as "sopracomito di galera" (commander) during the battle. The exhibition looks beyond the beauty of Venice. It takes the naval battle as a starting point for an acute debate about how Roma are part of European society and history. By confronting Europe with its invisible past we can step forward to a future of participation and honesty. The art installation does not simply reconstruct the naval battle, but sets it in context and invites the audience on an ambiguous and shiny journey between past and present. During the Biennial, on October 7th , the memorial day of the battle, there is In the basilica of San Giovanni and Paolo an annual memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary to remember the battle of Lepanto. 
The artists will join - as a performative intervention.