Luna De Rosa, is an Italian activist and multimedia artist from the Roma diaspora who works and lives between Berlin and Milan.

The body is the starting point of her artistic work: through interventions in the public sphere she expresses the relationship that binds the body to the social context that essentially governs and defines it. In recent years, her artistic work has focused on the vulnerability of ethnic minorities, particularly the Roma, who are strongly affected by exclusion and racism. Through the use of different media, from performance to painting and installation, De Rosa addresses the urgency of challenging misunderstandings, stereotypes and representing the multiple identities of Roma cultural and psychological heritage, focusing especially on the issues of Roma identity and feminility, creating dense images that almost metaphorically follow the friction and conflicting realities of ideas related to being an artist, Roma and woman searching for a way to exist in the middle, to be multiple, to remain irreducible.


Luna De Rosa. Group exhibitions

Residenza Artistica in Villa Romana, Firenze
Still Hope in Paradise? ACUD Gallery, Berlin
YRA Young Romani Artists Stiftung Kai Dikhas, Berlin ​
Looking for Art Spazio Hollywood, Milano ​
Hor(s)t der Kunst Pfänder (Bregenz), Austria
This is the gate of heaven Gallery 46, London
Visions, The garden of Liquid Identites The Room | Contemporary Art Space, Venezia ​
You art is better than mine – My art is better than yours Petesburg Art Space, Berlin ​
Transformazione Palazzo Ducale, Massa Carrara
Big Size Art, S.p.A., Milano
Fuori Salone Navigli, Visual Art Casa De La Musica, Milano
Body and Soul Università di Milano Bicocca, Milano
InForma Requiem Villa Greppi, Monticello Brianza
Arte, Musica e Gusto Torricella Peligna, Italia ​
Désastre Andelsbuch, Austria
Combines/Observatory 7 San Carpoforo, Milano ​