The Roma Jam Session Art Collective (RJSaK) is the first artist collective in Switzerland and Europe to perform in public space and art institutions with performative means in order to make the current issues of the Roma visible. The Zurich based artist group works transdisciplinary with members from art, theater, music and design. Since their first intervention in a local art space in 2013, RJSaK has shown their work in Zurich at the Shedhalle, Corner College, Maxim Theater, Toni Areal, ZHdK, Kunsthaus, Johann Jacobs Museum, Helmhaus and in Basel at the Kunstmuseum. In addition to their public appearances, the collective is actively involved, also with other Roma organizations and with NGOs in campaigns.

RJSaK brought the intervention CHROMA – sudden presences in April 2018 to the 1st Roma Biennale and the Romaparade to Berlin. Since then, the collective has developed both transnationally and intersectionally, and has entered into cooperation with die grosse um_ordnung, a queer-feminist art project with manyfold alliances. In January 2019, RJSaK participated in the launch of RomArchive, the first digital archive on Roma history, culture, politics, and art in Europe. In 2020, RJSaK proudly announced its first publication. The publication sheds light on a collection of the most important works from the past seven years, working structures, and the collective's commitment to art and activism.