The artist Marina Rosselle (born 1980) lives and works in Lille, France. She initially took up studiesin art history but switched to visual arts, graduating in 2001 and obtaining her Master's degree in 2003 from the École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Valenciennes, France. Roselle participates in exhibitions, workshops and residencies in France and across Europe. The artist, who works with drawing, sculpture, photography and video, is represented by Galerie Kai Dikhas in Berlin.Roselle was born into the Rom_nja and Traveller community. Her artistic work is rooted in her family history, the lifestyle and different spaces that the Roma community inhabit, and critically engages with the condescending perception of this way of life. With her art, she wants to describe their lifestyle, especially the many trips around and the successive occupation of places. Inspired bythe scrap metal dealers in her environment, she collects unusual objects and materials, reuses them in her art and appropriates them. To be able to collect such objects, she says, it is essential to be "around places, if not especially places, that are anything but picturesque." She uses these objects toscrutinise ideas of vulnerability and change. Roselle locates her work in the ephemeral and ephemeral, as a precarious activity of tinkering and messing around.The rather disreputable or simply unnoticed places where the Roma Traveller community resides are not infrequently sites of urban development. Marina Roselle tries to present them in terms of their significance and the role they play in the formation of an identity. In doing so, the artist often works with her own experience as well as with the immediate perception of things, refusing the usual folkloristic representation of Sinti and Roma.