Gabi Jiménez is a French painter and artist... and Gitano. A citizen dedicated to the memory of the Gitano tragedy in France during and after the Second World War, he exhibits his paintings throughout France and Europe.
In 2007, he represented France in the first Roma pavilion at the Venice International Biennale d'Art Contemporain, a milestone and a turning point in the perception of contemporary Gypsy art. There are numerous collective and solo exhibitions in which the artist represents the Roma and Traveller community and activates through these works so that French and Europeans can open their eyes to asituation that worsens year after year: discrimination in expulsions.
In 2013, after his personal exhibition at DIHAL - Interministerial Delegation for Housing and Access to Housing - in Paris, the French state bought him two canvases representing "Le Grand Paris". Then, in 2014, Gabi Jiménez is nominated by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and receives the "Painting and Visual Arts" award for all his work, which is militant and committed. In the same year, the President of the European Court of Human Rights acquires one of his works, which is nowexhibited in the judge's chambers.
In 2016, the work "Caravan under two cypresses", which was already on display at the Venice Biennale in 2007, is exhibited in San Sebastian (Spain), the European capital of art, during the exhibition "Tratado de Paz" To represent peace and among more than 300 works by artists such as Goya, Rubens, Murillo, Picasso, Ribera, Sophie Ristelhueber.
Gabi Jiménez's paintings are done in bright, singing colours, drawings with traces surrounded by black, stylising the travellers' culture and never reducing it to simple clichés. Behind the raptures of detail and joy at first glance, however, lies a very different truth: that of a shameful history of discrimination, violence, hatred and displacement. A history that is still relevant since the time after the Second World War.


Gabi Jiménez. Exhibitions

Schwarz & Weiß, Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin / Germany
Rio Loco /Rumba Colors, Toulouse / France
Art et Résistance, ERIAC, Berlin / Germany
De Noir, De Blanc, Livre illustrations, Nomade In France / Paris
Montmagny, terre des arts, Prix du jeune public, Montmagny-Paris / France
Les Affamés du Cabaret » Cergy / France
KHAMORO 2017 World Roma Festival, exposition collective, Prague / Czech Republic
Inauguration Ecole «Gabi Jimenez», Avignon / France
European Roma Cultural Fondation, Budapest / Hungary
Akathe te Beshen, Galerie Kai Dikhas/Fondation Fédérico Garcia Lorca, Grenade / Spain
European Roma Cultural Fondation, Berlin / Germany
Welcome en Gitanie, Cergy / France
Tratado de Paz, San Sebastian / Spain -Akathé te beshen - J’y suis, j’y reste! », Berlin, Kleinsassen, Paris, Madrid
Dans le regard de l’autr, Cergy / France
Journée internationale des Tsiganes, Mairie de Paris / France
Porque somos Gitanos, avec La Casa Musical/Setmana de la Rumba, Catalana
Have a look into my life, Strasbourg / France
Prix de Peinture et Arts Plastiques, Ministère de la culture Espagnole, Madrid / Spain
Cours Européenne des Droits de l’Homme, Strasbourg / France
Mais où sont passés les gitans?, Délégation Interministérielle/Premier Ministre, Paris / France
Représentation Permanente auprès du Conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg / France
Stopping Place III, Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin / Germany
En passant par la Bohème, document vidéo/Grand Palais, Paris / France
Stopping Places I - Galerie Kai Dikhas - Berlin / Germany
ACASEV 61- Solo exhibition - Alençon / France
City of Mériel - Solo exhibition - Mériel / Paris / France
Bann'art - Singular Arts Festival - Group Exhibition - Basket / France
Gypsies your papers! / ARTag / Lyon Hall 8th - Solo exhibition - Lyon - France
1st International Congress of Roman art - Solo exhibition - Caceres - Spain
La Grande Halle de la Villette / Gypsy Road - Solo exhibition - Paris - France
Gallery Taoka Marines - Solo exhibition - Marines - Paris - France
Vous avez dit Roms? - Bruxelles / Belgium
Memory of Gypsy / Carreau de Cergy (600 m2)- Solo exhibition - Cergy / Paris / France
Le art au fil de l’air - Group exhibition - Marines / Paris / France
Mémoires Tsiganes "the internment of Gypsies during the Second World War - 1939/1946 "- Group Exhibition - City of Paris IV / Paris / France
Balkan Trafik / Roma Touch - Group exhibition - Brussels / Belgium
Memoire de Gitan / Multimedia Library Le Bachut (two floors)-Solo exhibition - Lyon / France
Mairie de Chalons in Champagne- Solo exhibition - France
Festival Welcome en Tziganie-Solo exhibition - Auch / France
Exhibition Romale! - Akademie Graz Gallery - Group exhibition - Graz / Austria
Fête de l’été - Exhibition tent - Paysac / Ardeche - France
Une Mémoire Française - Solo exhibition - Taverny / Paris / France
Festival Nomades - Solo exhibition - Bordeaux / France
Une Mémoire Française - Solo exhibition - Poitiers / France
Festival des Bidonvilles - Photographs and Pictorial works / Shari Vari-Solo exhibition - Cergy / Paris / France
Une Mémoire Française -Solo exhibition - Pierrelaye / Paris / France
Les Ogres De Barback - Album 2011 - Participation in the illustrations (gypsies caravans)
Voyageurs d’hier et d’aujourd’hui /Travellers from yesterday and today - Group exhibition - Groslay / Paris / France
Kölnischen Stadtmuseum-Kunst der Roma - Group exhibition - Roma in der kunst - Cologne / Germany
Jean Vilar Segpa Herblay - Solo exhibition and educational (for schools) - Herblay / France
Trajectories Gitanes / Conservatory Slavic - Solo exhibition - Paris / France
Forbach Manouche Festival - Solo exhibition - Forbach / France
azz Caravan – Multimedia Library Groslay - Solo exhibition - Groslay / Paris / France
Verloren Paradijs - International Gipsy Festival - Group Exhibition - Tilburg / Holland
Semaine Tsigane / Multimedia Library Vitry - Solo exhibition - Vitry / Paris / France
Permis de construire / Building Permit / Mirapol - Solo exhibition - Cergy / Paris / France
Un air de voyage / Festival des Arts Tsiganes et Nomades - Solo exhibition, Cergy / Paris / France
Embassies of Romania and Hungary - collective exhibition-Roma Pavilion - Brussels / Belgium
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation "Distance and Proximity Gulbenkian Programme"
Tentures - Lisboa (Lisbon) / Portugal
Gallery METISSE-permanent exhibition - La Rochelle / France
League of Human Rights / Gypsy culture week - Domont / Paris / France
Hungarian Institute in Paris-Collective exhibition "Paradise Lost - Paris
"The First Roma Pavilion" International Art Biennale of Venice "La Biennale di Venezia / Italia" - - 52. International Art Exhibition, Venice / Italia
Semaine Culturelle Tsigane (with Bireli Lagrene & Nouka Maximoff) - Ermont / Paris / France
Itinérances tsiganes - Lyon / France
City of Ermont - Ermont / Paris / France
Les mille et une ... Cultures du monde - Villeuneuve d'Ascq / Lille / France
Furia Sound Festival - Pontoise / Paris / France
12th National Exhibition of Art - Franconville / Paris / France
Itinéraires Citoyens - Bessancourt / Paris / France
Itinéraires Citoyens - Ermont / Paris / France
Traversées Tsiganes / Gypsy Crossings - Dijon / France
Les gens du voyage / The Travellers - Pontoise / Paris France
Original artwork card URAVIF / Regional Federation of Associations of Travellers in the Ile de France / Paris / France